Auto Repair and Inspection for Virginia Drivers

The Motorist’s Checklist

Nobody wants to be cited for non-compliance or lack of a vehicle registration, but you’ve got places to go and things to do. (You know . . . Get to your job. Buy food.) O’Berry’s Service Center in Emporia, Virginia, can help you get there as well as stay legal. Rely on us for the state inspection you need to register your auto. Should you need a repair to bring your car into compliance, we can assist you with auto repairs, too.

What’s on the Checklist?

Vehicle registration is required for Virginia residents. One of the prerequisites in the registration process is an annual emissions and safety inspection. This requires that a technician check and certify the integrity of major components and systems such as fuel, exhaust, steering and suspension, and brakes. Also, your tires have to be in acceptable condition. They must have enough tread for traction as well as hold air properly. Furthermore, the car’s license plate must be displayed for adequate readability. Certain safety features must be inspected, as well. Outside, these include the windshield wipers, horn, and lights. Inside the passenger cabin, air bags, presence of doors, solid floor pans, and seat belts make the checklist. A vehicle passing inspection earns a certificate and windshield decal. You’ll get a rejection sticker if the automobile doesn’t meet the standard. This allows you to drive temporarily for up to 15 days so that you can get your car repaired and re-inspected. If you have an antique car (at least 25 years old), however, you have the option of registering it as an antique. It will not be held to the annual standard. Even so, this is not to be used as a way of general avoidance. Daily drivers still need an inspection. The antique auto rule applies only to vehicles driven for parades, collector car shows, etc. You can also drive to a repair show, but none of these destinations can be more than 250 miles from your residence.

We’ve Got You Covered

When you’re preparing to renew your vehicle’s registration, bring your automobile to us. We’re one of the recognized State of Virginia inspection centers. Typically, we can inspect your car and have you on your way quickly. Should you find that your transportation has an issue that prevents it from passing inspection, however, we can assist you in navigating the 15-day grace period and with necessary repairs. We operate from the Christian worldview, so you can count on us for honest, reputable repairs and advice that will help you keep your car operating legally.

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