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Auto Services in Emporia, Virginia

Treating Your Vehicle with Care You Can Trust

Your vehicle deserves the best when it comes to auto care, and O’Berry’s Service Center in Emporia, Virginia, is here to give you just that. Auto maintenance is a must for all vehicle owners, from cars and pickup trucks to RVs. Not only does preventative maintenance assure your safety on the road, but it also ensures optimum vehicle operation, promotes longevity, and capitalizes on value.

It’s important to adhere to the suggested service intervals listed in your vehicle’s owner’s manual, but you can take care of a lot of things on your own in-between visits. For example, maintaining proper tire pressure, inspecting your vehicle for general signs of wear, and not ignoring signs of trouble. A typical vehicle requires routine auto services such as oil changes, wheel alignments, tire rotations, and fluid flushes. An RV’s maintenance needs include many of the same auto services, in addition to service for trailer wiring and accessories, hitch installation, and more. Staying atop these services means the difference between an automobile that lasts and one that doesn’t.

Small and Big Auto Repairs

In addition to our auto services, our facility is the answer for when you require auto repair. We cater to all minor and major repairs, ranging from a quick brake pad replacement to an extensive transmission rebuild or even replacement. Be it a complication with your engine, suspension, brake system, exhaust, or air conditioning, you can count on us to assess the issue, lay out the steps for repair, and remedy the problem! We know all types of vehicles inside and out due to our extensive experience in the repair field, and our technicians are familiar with working with all makes and models of both automobiles and RVs. Since our certified technicians are rigorously and regularly trained in all manners of auto services, not to mention come with years of experience under their belts, you’ll get what you need quickly, secure in the knowledge that you’ll be back on the road quickly—safe, sound, and happy.

Visit Our Auto Repair Shop Soon

As you can see, there’s virtually nothing we can’t do for your automobile or RV! We offer a state-of-the-art service facility, staffed by knowledgeable technicians who use cutting-edge technology and top-quality parts in our auto services. We know that the more diligent you are about the essentials, whether it’s tire service, brake maintenance, or something as simple as timely oil changes, the better your vehicle can and will take care of you. Rest assured we’ll be here for you every step of your vehicle ownership experience. Of course, you’re likely to have questions at various stages. We encourage you to call us at any time for assistance. We’ll also help with your car concerns, inform you of current specials, and so much more. Contact us at (434) 634-0037 or stop by O’Berry’s Service Center at 529 N Main St Emporia, VA 23847 today! We look forward to working with you soon here in our auto shop for all your auto services.