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Brake Repair in Emporia, Virginia

Ensuring Your Vehicle Stops on a Dime—Every Time

Auto service is important; that’s a given. What may not seem as obvious is what to maintain and when, especially when there are so many parts and systems that need attention. But when you’re cruising at 65 miles per hour only to be cut off by a driver, it’s suddenly very obvious that your brakes really matter. Your brake system comprises a number of parts that ensure your stopping power at any speed, including but not limited to the master cylinder, brake lines and hoses, brake calipers and pistons, brake pads and shoes, and disc rotors and drums.

There are two brake systems in vehicles, disc and drum, and the components in each vary from one another. However, we at O’Berry’s Service Center have the experience working with both systems extensively in our brake repair services. We offer all types of brake maintenance services, including brake pad replacement, brake fluid exchanges, and brake inspections. On top of that, we provide brake repair when a problem arises, such as a fluid leak, worn or warped rotors, a faulty master cylinder, or damaged calipers.

Overview of Our RV Brake Jobs

O’Brien’s Service Center is a leading auto shop in Emporia that accommodates both automobiles and RVs. An RV is engineered differently than a regular vehicle. They are significantly heavier and larger, and their electrical make-up is more intricate. The average RV has a hydraulic brake system that consists of a pump and a series of valves, in addition to brake lines, brake pads, a master cylinder, and drums/rotors. Different types of RV brake problems are similar to that of an automobile, but also include water contamination that can lead to corrosion, spongy brakes, or boiling water in the calipers that compromise your braking, wearing brake linings, and brake system leaks. Our certified technicians are trained in all RV brake repair services, and we have the right equipment and expertise needed for the job. We also offer assistance when it comes to your routine maintenance needs. If you’re the proud owner of an RV, you can trust us to perform expert RV brake repair and maintenance. Feel free to contact us at (434) 634-0037 to learn more about our RV services.

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Cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, and RVs—we do it all when it comes to brake repair and service. It’s important to follow the suggested brake service intervals in your owner’s manual, but a bit of caution helps, too. If you notice that your stops are taking longer, if you hear a squeak or squeal when you brake, or if it feels like you really have to push down on the brake pedal to stop, come by our auto shop! We’ll take care of all your brake troubles and ease your concerns. When you work with us, you’ll have the peace of mind that we utilize state-of-the-art technology and always follow industry practices. Our team is certified, smart, and knowledgeable, and we are 100% confident we’ll be able to get you back on the road in no time. To reap the benefits of our offerings, services, and expertise, bring your vehicle to 529 N Main St Emporia, VA 23847. O’Berry’s Service Center is your trusted home for auto and RV brake repair and maintenance!