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RV Repair in Emporia, Virginia

Professionally Trained and Properly Equipped to Care for Your RV

O’Berry’s Service Center is a proud provider of RV repair services to Emporia, Virginia and the surrounding communities. We understand the breadth of problems that can crop up in an RV, whether it be with the mechanical components, electrical, generator, or accessories, and rest assured we can help with all! If there is a problem with any of your mechanical systems, such as your air conditioning/heating, engine, transmission, suspension or alignment, tires, or brakes, come by today.

We have seen it all when it comes to RVs, whether it be a blown fuse in the cabin or wheel misalignment. Our interior and exterior RV repair services are just as impressive and just as diverse. We have the ability and equipment to repair everything from the roof, awning, and refrigerator, to the hitch and other trailer accessories. Compared to an automobile, RVs come with a smorgasbord of amenities, many of which can become damaged, worn, or otherwise compromised. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in RV care, and our shop has the correct equipment and tools for any job.

What Causes RV Problems?

Whether used as a motorhome or travel trailer, your RV is more than just a means of transportation. For a lot of people, it is their home or their secondary home, providing shelter and heating/cooling. A dependency like this calls for care that is professional and experienced. RVs are consistently exposed to the elements and constantly on the go. This can result in leaks, exterior damage, rust, and sometimes even electrical problems, such as malfunctioning outlets or circuit outages. RVs are large and heavy—and rightfully so, but that extra mass also puts more stress on your tires, brakes, and suspension. These components are more prone to wear or part failure due to their supporting nature. Whether you use your RV once a year or every day, it’s important to properly maintain it and come in for repair when needed. As soon as you notice a change in dynamics, or if something is blatantly wrong such as a burnt-out bulb, we recommend you stop in for RV repair. Fixing a small issue now can prevent a large issue from forming later on!

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O’Berry’s Service Center specializes in RV repair services. When you bring your RV in, regardless of what the problem may be, we’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it. Backed by years of experience, hours of combined training and learning, and a dedication to the RV industry, you can always turn to our team for all your RV needs! It takes special skill and experience to work on RVs, troubleshoot problems, and provide repair, and we’re happy to check all three in spades—and so much more! If you’re in need of RV repair in Emporia, Virginia, give O’Berry’s Service Center a call at (434) 634-0037. We can discuss your situation, answer your questions, and set up an appointment! We love what we do, and we can’t wait to help you get your RV running like new again. Visit us today at 529 N Main St Emporia, VA 23847.